Who are we?

We are manychips.com, founded by Utsource holding company limited on 2018. Different from Utsource which is online electronic components distributor of both enterprises

and individuals, Manychips mainly focus on wholesale business of electronic components.

We have millions of electronic components listed and wide supply chain system. Enough stock to meet buys’ need.

What we offer?

We offer electronic components with competitive price, which is lower than most price in the electronic components market. That’s why we have MOQs on every item listed. We

don’t adopt any forms of discount for the reason that all the prices are at bottom for buys who purchase in bulk.

We offer 90-day worry free warranty to make sure the purchasing is safe and guaranteed. Return & refund in rapid speed to save your time.

We offer BOM tools to upload your purchasing plan, simplified inquiry system and fast quotation response. Order placed in an easy and convenient online purchasing procedure.